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WE CARE ABOUT CLIMATE PROTECTION AND THE ENVIRONMENT The Forest Stewardship Council® is an internatio- nal non-governmental organisation that promotes an environmentally-friendly, socially equitable and economically sustainable management of the world’s forests. We are committed to complying with the FSC core labour standards in accordance with the current FSC standard. Keep an eye out for FSC®-certified products! www.fsc.org We don’t just claim to be climate-neutral, we are certified “climate-neutral”. We offset 4.000.000 kg of CO 2 per year in order to protect our environ- ment. That is the equivalent of 30.273 economy- class flights from Munich to Berlin, or 12.423.204 kilometres by car – approx. 32 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon. Scan the QR code and discover our climate goals. The independently-controlled Fairtrade label stands for fair trading and the empowerment of small-scale farmers and workers in the producer countries. Fairtrade promotes better working and living conditions as well as environmental and climate protection. www.fairtrade-deutschland.de The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation working at the crossroads of trade, agriculture and forestry. Our aim is to create a better future for both people and nature in which responsible business practices are a matter of course. www.rainforest-alliance.org With its Farming Programme, Lindt & Sprüngli campaigns for an improvement in the standard of living of cocoa farmers and the preservation of the environment. www.farming-program.com Ritter SPORT only sources sustainable cocoa. www.our-cacao.com