Ultimately. Different. Jung.

WELCOME TO THE TASTE SAFARI Hey you, the sweet tooth on a dis- covery tour! Welcome to the taste safari – a top-notch expedition into the ultimately different world of indul- gence. There are none of your boring run-of-the-mill snacks here, oh no! We’re going to take you on a fantastic journey on which you might be inspi- red by expressive characters and give in to the temptation of new flavours. Whether you have a taste for adven- ture, get the day off to a creative start, go fearlessly in search of new taste experiences, are an extravagant sweet tooth, go through life full of energy, enjoy ingenious snacks that outsmart you or are simply a tiny bit crazy, we have the perfect thing for every taste explorer. Our product range is so cleverly put together that your marketing strate- gy will simply melt in the mouth. So pack plenty of curiosity, get ready for a sensory journey and embark on this exciting taste safari. Ultimately. Different. Jung. And always delicious!