Jung Catalogue 2022

Depending on high capacity utilization and material availability, the delivery time is usually 10-20 working days after print approval. Delivery time by indivi- dual products, large quantities as well as distribution and individual shipping might be different. We will be happy to provide concrete deadlines as part of the offer or your order. The delivery dates stated in the order confirmation apply in each case. Information on creating printing copies If possible, match our provided imposition layout 1:1. Data editing costs will otherwise be incurred. – Line drawings should have an optimum resolution of 1.200 dpi or be vectorised. Continuous-tone illustrations should have a resolution of 300 dpi. – When sending files by email, please make sure you use the appropriate program extension (e.g. .indd for InDesign, .ai for Adobe Illustrator, .psd for Photoshop). Our programs: – Adobe Illustrator CC – Photoshop CC – InDesign CC Open data: If your document includes any imported/embedded files (e.g. tif, eps, bmp, or jpeg files), please make sure you save these separately! Please change the fonts into character paths to avoid the loading of any other fonts. If this is not possible, send us the fonts (only Mac fonts). Please note the following when supplying data as a PDF: - Your created data should correspond to our layout template, please do not change it. - PDF compatible up to PDF/X-4 (Acrobat 1.6) - No encrypted PDF files (password protection or the like) - No coloured pattern cells/tile patterns - No comments, form fields, or the like - No transfer curves - Leave layout sketches at “overprint” and you must leave it at our separate special colour with the name “Stand” Data carriers (if you want to send your data by post): – Please write your address, file name, logo name, product name, and order number clearly on the data carrier (e.g. CD) and include a printout of the files. – The printout should include the file name and the name of the printing colour(s) required, e.g. HKS, Pantone. The fastest way to order: Just send your data, including the name of the motif, by email to your customer adviser. If the data exceeds 100 MB, we recommend you send us the data via FTP server. If you have any further questions on exchanging data, please do not hesitate to contact your customer adviser. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Printing information Fine details, small fonts, and trademarks can smear or disappear. In the case of multi-coloured printing, a colour-binding proof of the provided data is mandatory. Printing methods: 4-c digital printing: Paper/cardboard, boxes, foils, labels 4-c designs are available at attractive prices even with small quantities. Register differences cannot occur. The colours are always compiled from the 4-c process. Special colours in accordance with HKS or Pantone can only be approximated. Boxes: Applying a white background to the motif, as is usual with silver boxes in pad printing, is not possible. In these cases, transparent inks are not opaque and therefore often do not achieve the desired colour tone (can look dirty). Please also note that negatively recessed elements will appear in box colours in print. On the other hand, this can result in a very elegant effect thanks to the shining through e.g. of a shiny box. Slight streaking may be visible with extensive colour designs. Due to the bled-off round surface structure of the product, there may be a slight distortion of the printed image. Foils: Some parts of the sealed seams cannot be printed (see imposition layouts). 1–4-colour flexo: Foils In full-surface printing, register differences are possible to an extent. A fine unprinted line over the foil is a result of the block ends meeting. Colour rubbing on the sealed seam is also possible in full-surface printing. Designs with extensive ink coverage and metallic colours should be varnished to protect them from colour rubbing (counts as an additional print colour). In printing technology, breaks in the screen cannot be avoided. The tolerances for this are: – Flexo printing 3% Sweets: In full-surface printing, a white edge (each of 1 mm) remains on the side at the end of the wrapper ends. Due to the block ends meeting, a fine white stripe runs across the width of the paper. Note: Halftone motifs only after a printability check. A colour-binding proof of the data provided is required with multi-colour screen motifs. 1–4-colour offset: Paper, cardboard An attractive price for larger print runs. Printing of special colours in acc. with HKS and Pantone is possible. Fluorescent inks cannot be used. 1–4-colour pad: Boxes, dispensers Register differences are possible to an extent. The double printing of individual colours may be necessary for full-surface motifs (counts as an additional print colour in each case). Slight scratches and unevenness may appear due to the material. In printing technology, breaks in the screen cannot be avoided. The tolerances for this are: – Pad printing 15% Sleeve: A slight distortion is possible on rounded parts. We alone make the decision on which printing process we use for our products/orders. Prices do not include VAT. The products in the catalogue are not shown true to the original and differ from the original in size, shape and colour. Misprints and errors excepted. Subject to alterations. With the publication of this edition, all previous editions become invalid. These Easter items are valid for the 2022 Easter holiday season.